Could the Baby Have a Milk Allergy

There are babies who actually continue to fuss after feeding. Mothers who are confused looking for the cause, could have thought that the baby is allergic to breast milk. Is it true that this can happen? You do not need to worry too much that the mother's milk will cause an allergic reaction in your child. Generally breast milk will not cause allergies in infants. In fact, very few babies experience an allergic reaction when consuming breast milk. Allergies Caused by Consumption of Certain Foods or Drinks Actually what happens is the baby experiences an allergic reaction due to food or drinks consumed by his mother. Infants who experience this kind of allergy are classified as very few. Only 2-3 of 100 babies given exclusive breastfeeding actually experience allergic symptoms, such as skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, to shortness of breath, which can last for several hours after breastfeeding. For example, if the mother eats spicy or gassy foods, such as cabbage, the
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